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The Best Buys At Credo Beauty (2023 Review)

Whenever a celebrity releases a buzzy new skincare or makeup line, I wince — please, no new beauty brands. I have enough trouble keeping track of the ones we already have. And if I want to focus on “natural” beauty products, it’s even trickier to know what is the real deal.

When it comes to beauty products, terms like organic, clean, non-toxic, and natural beauty don’t have hard and fast definitions. The beauty industry is largely self-regulated so it’s tough to know what a brand means when the

30 holiday concerts and shows to see you through the season

Everyone has their own holiday traditions — for instance, some people have been know to go a-wassailing, whatever that is. But is there a better way to mark the season than through music, dance, and laughter? With that in mind, here are 30 concerts, plays, musicals, ballets, and variety shows playing in Greater Boston this holiday season, starting the day after Thanksgiving and extending right through the end of the year.

Award-winning soprano singer Sarah Brightman returns for her annual celeb

Where to go ice skating outside around Boston this winter

Lace up your skates because one of New England’s favorite winter traditions is back for the season: ice skating. Below, find out where you can ice skate outdoors in and around Boston this winter, from old favorites like the Frog Pond to newer traditions like the outdoor rink in Kendall Square.

Make a day of it with skating in Fenway and dinner or drinks at Time Out Market, or just hop on one of the free rinks like Stoneham Town Common or Kelly Outdoor Rink in JP. Read on for info about hours, a

Tom Brady’s Former Personal Chef Allen Campbell Talks Famous Clients and Eating Well

From growing up in Chelmsford to working the Greater Boston restaurant circuit to becoming Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen’s personal chef, Allen Campbell’s impressive career makes him one of the leaders in sports nutrition. Now, the North Shore native capitalizes on his network for a new video series on healthy living, featuring pro athletes from Boston and beyond. After a decade spent in food service and not paying attention to his health, Chef Campbell knew it was time for a lifestyle change.

Mass Mushroom Farms: Helping strengthen local food systems, one fungus at a time —

Fourteen years ago, before Fantastic Fungi hit Netflix, before adaptogens like reishi and lion’s mane became popular, before fungi were cool— Julia Coffey started growing mushrooms in her basement.

After studying mycology at Evergreen State College in Washington and working for Fungi Perfecti, the mushroom company run by Paul Stamets (of Fantastic Fungi fame), Coffey moved back home to Massachusetts. She noticed that in an otherwise flourishing local food economy, mushrooms were underrepresente

These Stylish Gifts From Coach Outlet Are Up To 60% Off

The holiday season is officially upon us — and sure, mashed potatoes and family time are great, but here’s to one of the season’s best highlights: discounted shopping. For example, the Coach Outlet is offering huge discounts on its new Shine Collection bags, and they couldn't be more perfect for holiday gift giving.

The brand tapped 27-year-old singer Dove Cameron for its “Wear Your Shine” campaign, who spoke to Nylon about her embracing who she is and overcoming negative self talk. “I talk wit

Christmas tree (and other) lightings around Boston this holiday season

‘Tis the season for tree lightings in Boston. Below, find the dates and details for classic annual events like the tree lightings at Boston Common and Faneuil Hall. And it’s not just trees that light up in Boston during the holiday season. Read on for more details about the Christopher Columbus Park trellis lighting, the Seaport Menorah Lighting, and other festive events around town that ring in the season this November and December.

Since 2003, the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP)

How to Choose Outdoor Sculpture Art for Your Pool Area

Expert tips on livening up your outdoor space with original artwork.

You likely spend a lot of time, especially during the warm months, in your outdoor space. After all, that’s why it’s there — to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own home, and provide a welcoming space to spend time with family and friends. Chances are, you’ve invested time, money, and creativity into curating your outdoor living area for a space that’s both functional and beautiful. But have you invested in any outdoo

Shop these holiday artisan markets around Boston

It’s hardly the holidays in Boston without a smattering of artisan markets to ring in the season, and this year’s first market opens Nov. 10 in the Seaport. The Holiday Market at Snowport will once again bring more than 100 vendors to the city. Old classics like the Harvard Square Holiday Fair, running since the ’80s, will also return to town, as well as newer favorites like the SoWa Winter Festival at the Power Station. Read on for details about holiday artisan markets taking place in November

November Happenings on the North Shore: 10 Activities You Don’t Want To Miss

Maybe you know it as stick season, or as the calm before the storm of December events and parties. But November on the North Shore is full of cultural happenings all month long and shouldn’t be overlooked. We’ve rounded up ten of the best things to do this November north of Boston, featuring shows, art events, fundraisers, artisan markets, and the beginning of the holiday fun with events like Newburyport’s Santa Parade and Stone Zoo’s ZooLights. Read on for more inspiration on November happening

How Glimmers Can Alleviate Our Triggers

Think about the last time something snapped you so fully into the present moment that you paused to smile. Maybe your favorite song came on the radio, or the moon was full and huge, or you had an ice cream cone. These moments that inspire a flicker of joy are called glimmers—and they’re the opposite of triggers.

Glimmers are small moments—like, really small moments. Not so much catching up with a close friend for the first time in years, but more like seeing a funny shaped vegetable in the groc

99 Etsy Shops We Love From Small Makers

The Good Trade editors endorse products we’ve personally researched, tested, and genuinely love. Learn more about our methodology and business model here.

Etsy—sometimes it feels like your best friend, other times sorting through its retailers is a daunting task. Supporting a small business by buying a handmade product from their Etsy shop is likely to be one of the year’s most satisfying purchases, yet sometimes it’s near impossible to sift through the mountains of Etsy sellers to find that au

How to Choose Wall Art for Coastal Homes

Expert tips on selecting original pieces of art for your beach home to create a relaxing, welcoming environment.

Coastal homes are already pieces of art on their own. So how do you choose wall art for a place like this? You’ll have some different considerations to think about — views, color palettes, weather, and how the space is being used — but with a little time and attention, you’ll be able to choose the perfect wall art for your coastal home.

We’ve enlisted some help from the experts over

See 'Winterlights' at Trustees properties across Massachusetts

Thousands of twinkling lights will again illuminate the grounds at three Trustees of Reservations properties across Massachusetts this holiday season. “Winterlights” is back at Naumkeag in Stockbridge, the Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens in North Andover, and the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton.

Established in 1891, the Trustees of Reservations cares for around 47,000 acres of land among 100 historic properties and places in Massachusetts. It brings its “Winterlights” holiday light disp

How To Build A Transitional Wardrobe From What You Already Have

As the cooler weather slowly but surely starts to blow in, we once again find ourselves in one of those transitional seasons. You know, those in between seasons when it’s too cold for some of your favorite pieces, but too warm for others. Or when the weather can’t make up its mind. I know it’s officially transitional weather when I stare at my closet before getting dressed, grousing about how I have “nothing to wear.”

But running out and buying all new clothing is rarely the answer, even if you

Get festive at these 12 holiday shows in Boston and beyond this season

Boston brings a fantastic lineup of shows and musicals this year at venues like the Citizens Bank Opera House and Emerson Colonial Theatre, including “Chicago,” “Moulin Rouge! The Musical,” “The Book of Mormon,” and “Les Miserable.” But before musical season gets into full swing, the city will see its annual calendar of holiday shows at venues in Boston and beyond. This year’s program features returning classics like the “Urban Nutcracker,” “Midwinter Revels,” and “A Christmas Carol,” along with

10 October Outings for Celebrating the Season on the North Shore

While the region remains lively any time of year, we absolutely love autumn here on the North Shore. It’s nice enough to spend whole days outside, but not so hot that you’re sweating; the foliage is in peak bloom; and it’s the best time to enjoy local produce and other fruits of the harvest season. Below you’ll find ten North Shore events this October. Some are at local farms or venues, while others are regional classics that we look forward to year after year, like the Manchester Cardboard Boat

40 Common Mistakes You Don't Realize Make Your Outfits Look Cheap

“It girls” are everywhere these days — inspiring terms like quiet luxury and micro-identities like “tomato girl” and giving us endless fodder for unattainable inspiration on social media. But what if channelling that elegant, elevated “it girl” vibe isn’t actually unattainable at all? We can all feel like our own “it girls” with some of the tips below — because The Zoe Report’s editors have compiled a list of all the ways you can simply and easily elevate your looks with just a few pointers.


What Are Sheet Thread Counts And Do They Matter?

When my partner and I moved last year, we invested in new, quality bed sheets to go along with our new place. What should’ve been a simple task turned into hours of research. More went into choosing bed sheets than we thought—material, weave, thread count, brand—and it all became a little overwhelming.

So I recently spoke with an expert from Avocado Green Mattress to help pull back the curtain on one of the most confusing aspects of sheets: thread count. What are sheet thread counts, exactly, a

North Shore Bakeries Make Enjoying Fall as Easy as (Apple) Pie

September in New England is here, bringing cool nights, turning the tips of trees red, sending kids back to school, and ripening the first apples. These four local bakeries greet apple season head on, building pie after flaky pie with crisp apples and buttery crusts, all from scratch, and all in their own ways.

While all bakers and pie eaters have their own preferences, a typical apple pie involves a tart apple that’ll hold its shape in the oven, a handmade crust, and a little sugar and lemon j

99 Thrift Flips For When You're Feeling Crafty

If you’re anything like us, you already adore thrift shopping — there’s hardly a better high than scoring the perfect piece of clothing or furniture for a fraction of the price it would cost new. And you’re giving a new home to something that might otherwise end up in the trash!

But a whole new thrifting world opens up when you learn about thrift flips: easy DIY projects to turn thrifted finds that have seen better days, either home decor or clothing, into brand new pieces. Sometimes it’s as si

Boutique Rockport Hotel Addison Choate Offers Charming Accommodations in a Picturesque Location

In the heart of downtown Rockport, Addison Choate provides a jumping off point for everything Cape Ann has on offer — especially in the fall.

A highlight of life in New England, summer visits to Cape Ann include picturesque dips in cold, clear water, fried clam dinners, sunny weather, and some of the best beaches in the country. It feels like the region couldn’t get any better — but come fall, it does.

Visit Cape Ann in September and October and you’ll beat the throngs of tourists who congest

How To Break In Leather Shoes

My first pair of leather shoes, all-black Doc Martens I saved up for and bought in college, rubbed blisters on my heels so badly I almost regretted the purchase. Living, working, and studying in the city, I needed shoes that could stand some pavement pounding. Docs, with their water-resistant, high-quality leather makeup, fit the bill—but at the time, I didn’t know how to break in leather shoes.

After weeks of carrying around Band-Aids and wearing thick socks, my Docs finally became the durable

Schooners, Cider, and Eight More Ways to Enjoy September on the North Shore

The weather might be cooling down, but the calendar north of Boston certainly isn’t. Arguably the most beautiful month here in New England, September begs to be taken advantage of with festivals, outdoor shows, art exhibits, and community events galore. Below are a few to get you started.

Enjoy the harvest season with family-friendly events at Appleton Farms or Cider Hill Farm, catch shows at Shalin Liu, the Gloucester Stage Company, or Castle Hill, or join in community events like the Gloucest
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